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Emergency Loan

Emergency Loan

This product is meant to facilitate our customer’s unforeseen financial emergencies

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    Loan Details


    • Approval process takes up to 24 working hours
    • Repayment period is up to 12 months.
    • This product attracts an interest rate of 1% p.m on reducing balance.
    • Any member who has saved consistently for six months or a member with existing loans, with good repayment history qualifies

    All loans granted by the society must be fully secured either by guarantors who are members of the society or by use of collateral; Collateral will include a title deed/Property The applicant is required to be an active Sacco member for a minimum of 6 months The applicant is expected to make the required monthly contribution even as he/she is servicing the loan. The member’s credit history is a major determinant for this and future loans.


    • A duly completed loan application form
    • Supporting documents must be attached for
    • Attach copies of id for both the applicant and
    • This product attracts an interest rate of 1% p.m on reducing balance.
    • The application fee is 0.75% of the amount
      applied for and minimum rate of Ksh.600

    Frequently asked Questions

    1. Check off - by employer
    2. Standing Order – from Members Bank account to Sacco Bank Account
    3. Mpesa – to the Sacco paybill number
    4. DigiPesa – from Members Mpesa Directly to members Sacco Account
    5. Direct deposit – to Sacco Bank Account through any Coop bank Branch or Coop kwa Jirani Agent
    6. Direct debit – Sacco Bank collects from Member’s banks accounts.
    7. Money transfers – RTGS, SWIFT, PoaPay, Wave, SimbaPay, JamboGlobal, UAEXchange, Western Union , MoneyGram
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