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Emergency Loan


  • This product is meant to facilitate our customer’s unforeseen financial emergencies
  • Approval process takes up to 24 working hours
  • Repayment period is up to 12 months.
  • This product attracts an interest rate of 1% p.m on reducing balance.
  • Any member who has saved consistently for six months or a member with existing loans, with good repayment history qualifies


  1. A duly completed loan application form
  2. Supporting documents must be attached for
  3. Attach copies of id for both the applicant and
  4. This product attracts an interest rate of 1% p.m on reducing balance.
  5. The application fee is 0.75% of the amount
    applied for and minimum rate of Ksh.600



Important to Note

  • All loans granted by the society must be fully
    secured either by guarantors who are members of
    the society or by use of collateral; Collateral will
    include a title deed/Property
  • The applicant is required to be an active Sacco member for a minimum of 6 months
  • The applicant is expected to make the required monthly contribution even as he/she is servicing the loan.
  • The member’s credit history is a major determinant for this and future loans.

Loan repayment options

Mode of loan repayment is through:

  1. Check off - by employer
  2. Standing Order – from Members Bank account to Sacco Bank Account
  3. Mpesa – to the Sacco paybill number
  4. DigiPesa – from Members Mpesa Directly to members Sacco Account
  5. Direct deposit – to Sacco Bank Account through any Coop bank Branch or Coop kwa Jirani Agent
  6. Direct debit – Sacco Bank collects from Member’s banks accounts.
  7. Money transfers – RTGS, SWIFT, PoaPay, Wave, SimbaPay, JamboGlobal, UAEXchange, Western Union , MoneyGram


Our Sacco aims to meet the financial needs of its members by encouraging them to save regularly and to borrow wisely for their development projects

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